Neon Garage on Crown Street

Most parking garages serve one purpose: providing a simple place for people to leave their cars in a high-traffic area. The one on Crown Street in downtown New Haven defies all expectations. It’s no normal run-of-the-mill parking garage, in fact, it appears to be making history.

Located across from the famous Louis’ Lunch, and in close proximity to our high-end luxury Metro Star apartments, the Crown Street parking garage was once adorned with neon artwork created by Mundy Hepburn, one of Katherine Hepburn’s nephews, who is now known to be one of the finest neon sculptors in the world. Over a span of 14 months, Hepburn created and articulately placed each of his unique and original glass pieces in the garage.

To Hepburn, glass blowing and creating neon sculptures is a lifestyle. It was a hobby, that transformed into an occupational therapy when he fell on hard times, which turned into, ultimately, his career. The garage became wildly successful and popular because of both the functionality and visual appeal. Hepburn’s passion shined through not only his pieces, but his personality.

The garage builds on the already strong reputation New Haven has acquired of making ordinary spaces unique. The Crown Street garage, in all of its unusual glory, actually fits in quite nicely in the quirky, yet refined city. When you live in our boutique apartments in downtown New Haven and the surrounding areas, you have access to everything the distinct and cultural city of New Haven has to offer. Along with remodeling the Neon Garage, Metro Star is also restoring a local historic church on Crown Street.

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