Buyers, Sellers & Brokers

The Metro Star organization brings many resources to bear when executing our business model.

  • Expertise in all aspects of real estate valuation, acquisition, development and management.
  • Multi-family, mixed use (residential & retail or office), or pure retail opportunities.
  • Adaptive re-use with significant multi-family concentrations.
  • Urban renewal projects; ground up development or complete renovations.
  • Significant capital resources to evaluate and execute transactions quickly.
  • Deal flexibility; we work with sellers to give them the opportunity to maximize after tax income.
  • Ethical and transparent business practices with respect for other business interests as well as ours.

If you are a Buyer, Seller or Broker interested in transacting business with us, please, call Donna Crandley at 203-878-2193 ext 302 or via email.