Metro Point - 1 New Haven Ave

This building started its life in the mid-80’s as a 26,000 square foot office building. Lacking experienced ownership, the building’s construction was never finished and the asset fell to foreclosure. The property made its way to the FDIC and was finally sold in the mid-90’s and completed. The building sold a second time in mid-2000 and fell to foreclosure again due to systemic vacancy and disrepair. As the largest building in this New England downtown and the centerpiece of its major intersection, poor appearance and lack of maintenance continually devalued the architectural persona of its neighbors. Metro Star purchased the property in December of 2010 and initiated the adaptive reuse of this failed building into a vibrant urban mixed use property. Consisting of 31 apartments and 17,000 square feet of updated modern office space, Metro Point symbolizes new urbanism and all it stands for. Completed in 2012 the project is fully occupied and has exceeded all expectations.