Metro Star believes it can be an outstanding partner for a municipality looking to reinvent its urban core. Projects which elicit dramatic and sustainable change to the urban area are a primary focus. Change of this scale motivates other stakeholders to participate in the evolution of the new urbanism program and help fulfill complete downtown revitalization aspirations. We acquire and redevelop real estate in urban settings with the goal of creating attractive, useful, long-lasting buildings that will add value to a neighborhood and improve the lifestyle experience. We offer:

  • Urban lifestyle apartment living integrated with retail and office space.
  • Preservation of valuable historic buildings while updating  spaces to modern standards.
  • Urban renewal with an attractive, environmentally sensitive product.
  • Adaptive re-use and other sustainable business practices.
  • Transit-oriented, live and work projects in urban settings.
  • A sincere interest in the character and vitality of the communities in which we work.
  • Ethical business practices: honesty, clarity, and transparency at all times.

If you are Municipality and wish to contact Metro Star, please, call Donna Crandley at 203-878-2193 ext 302 or via email.