Our Philosophy

Metro Star is built upon the diverse experience that its founder, Robert Smith, Jr., has accumulated over his 33-year career developing all major types of residential and commercial properties. Mr. Smith is highly regarded for his vision and skill as a developer who endeavors to create architecturally significant buildings that leave a lasting and positive impact on communities. His operating philosophy is rooted in the belief that ongoing success in real estate is a function of vertical integration, direct owner involvement, and the injection of company equity.

Metro Star, and its affiliated companies, vertically assemble proprietary financial modeling, relevant design and quality construction integrated with a long term view of property management to deliver unmatched products to market.

Metro Star’s objective is to identify real estate opportunities (multi-family, retail and office) embedded in transit-oriented urban (or mature inner-ring suburban) locations. Our business model re-spawns downtown properties through the creation of high quality, aesthetically pleasing buildings that will attract residents who can support and stimulate the expansion of traditional neighborhood designs that establish a “lifestyle” rental environment. This development program combines residential dwellings with the renewal of business spaces meeting modern retail and office standards.

Metro Star believes that strong demand will continue for urban style living in New England, Westchester and Metro New York cities and towns by young professionals (generation “Y”) as well as older residents looking to simplify their homes and participate in a metropolitan lifestyle. Recognizing the economic support to businesses and the property tax enhancements apartment / mixed use properties provide, cities and towns once opposed to multi-family development are now embracing them.

Our Business Model
We understand that community sensitivities sometimes collide with the development process. To be successful, we believe a developer must have a sincere interest in preserving the character of urban buildings while maintaining a solid economic plan all in an effort to enhance the vitality of the local community. Metro Star is committed to operating its business with the following values in mind:

  • Preservation of valuable historic architecture in combination with redevelopment of underperforming properties.
  • The adaptive re-use of transit oriented properties procreating the new urbanism vision.
  • Exceptional construction standards that preserve architectural impact.
  • Management standards that provide a high quality experience for our residents and our neighbors.
  • Financial agreements that will always be honored.
  • Ethical and transparent business practices.
  • A long term development vision reinforcing our commitment to making a positive, lasting impact on all stakeholders.