6 places to liven up your New Haven experience without leaving Crown Street

Crown Street is among the liveliest locations to reside in New Haven. If you're in search of a break from your daily grind, there are a plethora of activities lining this street. You need only walk down the street from your New Haven apartment to discover all that Crown Street has to offer. Perhaps you're unsure of where to start in the vast number of activities? This list will provide you the best places to visit to keep you and your fellow adventurers entertained.

PuRest Float

After a long, stressful day at work or in study, maybe you wish for nothing more than to shut yourself into a room and lock the world out. Purest Float's sensory deprivation rooms are the place for you. Float in a pool of salt and allow your stresses as you shut out the stresses of the world.


Capture Salon

Everyone needs a spa day, and the Capture Salon is the best place to go. Labeling itself as one of the largest full-service salons in the area, this salon offers everything from a manicure to massage therapy. Stop by the salon to get your beauty needs before stepping out for a night on the town.

Louis' Lunch

Who doesn’t love a good hamburger once in a while? This historical family run restaurant began as a small lunch wagon in 1895 and has been recognized as the Birthplace of the Hamburger Sandwich. Their unique burger sandwich continues to satisfy the cravings of tourists and locals alike. Get in line as this is a “must do” for anyone visiting or living in New Haven.


If an art gallery is more your speed then look no further than Artspace. This 5, 000 square foot space in a former civil-war era furniture factory anchors an affordable housing complex and features a rotating set of thought-provoking exhibitions. Hosting several events and gala's, this is an excellent location to expand your creative mind.


This iconic restaurant best known for its mashed potato bacon pizza that is guaranteed to put your diet on the back burner. Offering an extensive lunch, dinner and late night menu, BAR has something for everyone. Boasting a different style in each of the four areas, The Front room features an antique pool table and long beer garden tables, while the lounge room is excellent for quietly visiting with friends and unwinding while you sip on your favorite craft beer or cocktail.

If neither room excites you, the late night Backroom is your scene. The large floor designed for dancing, and the fluorescent lights hanging from the ceiling are enough to spice up your evening with weekend nightlife and pizza slices served after 10:30 pm.


Midpoint Coffee Brewers

The morning after a night out can leave you tired and with a hunger for a good cup of coffee. Midpoint Brewers is a cozy and eclectic cafe that will get you motivated before your morning gets back into full swing.

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