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So, you are sitting around chatting with friends and someone asks the best place to rent an apartment. “How about an apartment in Milford?”, you say. A little spark in your eye appears as you reflect on the day you passed through this amazing City with the small town charm and how you ended up with your incredible Milford apartment. Yes! I do recall how I ended up living in a rental apartment in downtown Milford, CT. My story was simple.

Arriving off the Metro North train for a job interview at Subway corporate headquarters, I quickly noticed the welcoming feel of this city. Making my way from the train to the quaint downtown coffee shop known as Café Atlantique, I immediately felt a sense of calm and acceptance.

Metro North Milford, CT
Downtown Milford, CT

As I accessed their free internet service, the waitress placed a freshly brewed cup of coffee along with a homemade scone in front of me. I was captivated by the enthusiasm of the clientele and the hustle and bustle on the sidewalk. The positive vibe surrounding the Café was amazing and I immediately identified myself as a resident of a Milford apartment. It was then that I realized that no matter what the outcome of my meeting, this is where I want to live.

My interview went better than expected and I accepted the position.  I decided to revisit the downtown area in search of housing.  My main focus turned to Metro Star apartments.  In addition to the top notch amenities that the Metro Star luxury apartments offered, the added bonus was that downtown Milford, CT was a giant adult playscape.    The shopping, restaurants, art venues, waterfront activities, and recreation options far exceeded my initial expectation.  I could easily imagine myself wandering the downtown green area on a daily basis in search of meals and evening entertainment.  With so much to do in one convenient location, I was excited to call Milford my new home.

Once my employment became official, I immediately decided on a  beautiful apartment at Metro View located across from the harbor at 25 High Street.  I was quickly sold on the Metro View apartment community because of its resort like feel and amazing views of the harbor and Long Island Sound.  It is an easy walk to the Metro North Station, where I could hop the train into New York City.

If you are considering a great place to live and would like a comfortable and elegant lifestyle, downtown Milford, CT is the place to be.  Metro Star apartments offer the finest amenities in apartment home living.  In retrospect, I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Downtown Milford, CT
Milford, CT Harbor

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