A Rink Of Riches: CT Luxury Apartments Near Yale & Quinnipiac University

Yale University is a driving force behind New Haven’s identity. Not far down the road in Hamden, CT lies another prestigious school, Quinnipiac University.  These two institutions have recently skated into national limelight through athletic feats within their respective hockey rinks.

Both schools have had solid success within the Eastern College Athletic Conference (ECAC). Since 2009, Yale Men’s Hockey has won two Cleary Cups (best regular season record) as well as two ECAC Championships. Over the past eight years, the Quinnipiac team has also achieved success in their own rite by winning one ECAC Championship and three Clearly Cups. Currently, the Quinnipiac Bobcats hold a 9-5-2 record against the Yale Bulldogs; however, the Bulldogs own something Bobcats fans can only dream of, a National Championship!

8 Miles of Separation: Yale vs. Quinnipiac

Although ice hockey isn’t the oldest collegiate sport in the United States, it is believed that the Yale Men’s Ice Hockey team is the longest-standing hockey program in the country. Quinnipiac University has a much different history. Quinnipiac didn’t become a Division I hockey team until the 1990’s and joined the ECAC in 2005.  Even though these two schools had never met before 2005, this has quickly become one of the best rivalries in all collegiate sports and is known throughout New England as the “War on Whitney Avenue” as the two campuses are only 8 miles apart.

A Rivalry Frozen in Time

Despite never meeting until a decade ago, these two schools have become synonymous with one another, at least when it comes to hockey. It wasn’t until 2013 did this rivalry truly carve itself into the history books, and since then, it hasn’t looked back. During the 2013 season, the Bulldogs lost both regular-season games to the Bobcats and were outscored 10 to 3 in those meetings. Then, Yale lost again to Quinnipiac in the post-season conference tournament.

Although these initial meetings didn’t fare well for the Bulldogs, it was the fourth matchup between them that season which mattered the most. The two Connecticut schools made it all the way to the final game and met in the Steel City of Pittsburgh. And wouldn’t you know, that’s exactly what Yale did, they stole the National Championship by beating top-seeded Quinnipiac with a resounding 4-0 victory!

Over the past few years, this rivalry has continued its momentum and this year shall be no different. The tickets are a hot item so you better do your best to see these two-team’s faceoff Feb. 4 at Yale and then again Feb. 24 at Quinnipiac!

High-End Apartments in a High-End City

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