Boutiques Boom in Downtown Milford

Downtown Milford’s specialty shops are both traditional and fashionable and only a few steps from the Milford train station.  They are varied in their appeal ranging from classy coffee shops to women’s apparel to gourmet foods and high-end interior design boutiques.  These small businesses have grown exponentially and have helped create the charming urban lifestyle of Downtown Milford.

The Downtown Milford Lifestyle means a walkable urban atmosphere infused with tasteful and appealing restaurants and boutique businesses.  In addition to the wonderful restaurants and nightlife that Downtown Milford is known for, the boutiques that reside here play such a significant role in this charismatic community.

Metro Star’s Downtown Blog will be highlighting these individual boutiques and their offerings on a regular basis as our neighborhood is in full bloom.  Whether you’re stepping off the train after a long day of work or stopping by for a day trip, you can’t help but fall in love with this special enclave.  Here is a list of many of the shops that define the lifestyle here and please stay tuned to our blog for details on each of these exciting businesses!

Pictured: Tony’s Bikes